OCD Sufferer Is Jailed

OCD Sufferer Is Jailed; Alleged Aussie Struggles With Accent; Batman and Robin’s New Cave.

His OCD is exacerbated from being incarcerated… Man insists he’s Australian, but his weak accent betrays him… Batman and Robin are in the market for a new cave.

Pet Frogs Plan An Escape...

Pet Frogs Plan An Escape; “Dad, Dad, Dad,” The Gameshow; James Heaney Has A Fox.

Castaways Find Others

Castaways Find Others; Pretentious Young Artists; Americans Running Pot Back Through Canada.

Training For Jaded Geniuses

Tech Support Training For Jaded Geniuses; Interviews For A New German-Based Start-Up;  Wealthy Brits Meet Their American Trash Neighbors.

Origin Of British Posh-Speak

Origin Of British Posh-Speak; Backstage With The Band, Wunderkind; Couple’s Retreat Is Actually A Cult.

The Uncle Squishy Show

On-Set Of A Children’s TV Show; Competing Car Salesmen and Saleswomen; Safety Officer Inspects A Building.

Medieval Prisoners

Medieval Prisoners Welcome A New Inmate; Inventor Strolls And Solves Problems; Hipsters Discover Hitler.

Grocery Store Detectives

Too many plain-clothes grocery store detectives… Comedian Nicky Shitts showcases for The Tonight Show… A white house intern attempts to save the day.

Questionable Renters

Questionable Renters Come A Callin’; The Next Great Tech Company; Brothers Inherit a Nightmare.

Passengers On A Commuter Train

Passengers On A Commuter Train; Marvel’s First Openly Gay Super Hero; The Day The Machine Woke UP.