A Not So Private Honeymoon; Snoofa Finds the Father; Are You Smarter than a Millennial?

A Not So Private Honeymoon, Snoofa Finds the Father, Are You Smarter than a Millennial?

Interns Get Hired to Grow Marijuana; Bowling Tournament Cops vs Criminals; Bird Watchers vs Bird Hunters

Interns Hired to Grow Marijuana; Bowling Tournament Cops vs Criminals; Bird Watchers vs Bird Hunters

An Awkward Tour Through 'Hobbiton'; Columbia Officials vs Free Range Hippos; Unaired Antiques Roadshow Gets a Tad NUTS

Americans touring "Hobbiton" reinvent the term “Ugly Americans…” Pablo Escobar’s free-range hippos are a problem… Hitler’s secrets revealed during a never-seen episode of Antiques Roadshow.

Nerds Go Camping; Ne'er-Do-Well Sleuths in Australia; Roommates and Their Fussy Pets

A lot of questions and a ton of concerns when nerds go camping… A group of Scooby-Do type ragamuffins try to solve a mystery in Australia… Creepy pets of annoying roommates plan a mutiny. 

Meeting His family for the First Time; A Day in the Life of Boehm and Britto; New Hire at the Sex Shoppe

This, in fact, is NOT the family you want to introduce your new boyfriend to… Let’s get meta - As we get to know Doug Boehm and Rafael Britto juuuuuuust a little too well… Oddly, working at the Sex Shoppe is not as easy as it seems.

Guided Tour of the National History Museum; Television City Town Council Meeting; Waiter Tries and Fails VERY Well

A disgraced scientist’s tries his hand as a history museum guide… Citizens of a Television City, CA, would like a word with the town council… Lunchtime at a Rain Forrest Café, and one waiter is instantly weeded.

Folks with Famous Peoples' Names; Carefully Hire a Construction Crew; Ill-prepared New-Adults Share a House

A weekly meeting for those tortured by sharing a name with a known TV or film character… Simply put, the single worst construction crew ever assembled… Barely friends and barely 20, they share a house and none of the responsibilities…

Elderly Mob-run Bingo; Fenway Concession Vendor; 'Leaf Peepers' Ruin Everything

A seniors’ Bingo Night is run by the mob, but not well… A concessions vendor works the stands and buddy it ain’t pretty up there… They love when the leaves turn color in the fall. For the locals, they are the worst people alive.

Family Reunion with David Blaine; Operating on the wrong Patient; An A.I Workforce and One Human

When a Texas family gathering reveals the patriarch is an ancient wizard, so someone should call David Blaine… A team of surgeons discover they operated on the wrong patient and immediately get to work on the cover-up… How can the last human worker compete and survive surrounded by Artificial Intelligence employees? Teach them improv!

Strangers Wake on Alien Ship; Dogs Awaiting Adoption; Marvin McKuen’s First Day Waiting Tables

After sharing what they remember last, complete strangers realize they’re alien abductees in space… Dogs at a shelter make plans to escape… The return of Marvin McKuen offers insights of his past as well as his ability as a waiter.