Right Now in Alchemy This

Young Fularg Player Scouted by Universities; Kids Conduct War Crimes Court Against School Bully

One young man’s dream of playing professional Fularg wreaks havoc on his parents plans and dreams… Two policeman raid a home where children have charged a bully with war crimes against the school… 

Scumbag Boyfriend and Pregnant Girlfriend on Intercontinental Flight; Corporate Event's A/V Needs Prove Too Much; First Day in HR with the Mafia

If the super odd people on this long flight don’t amaze, disturb and delight you, check into a hospital STAT… The folks hired to handle the A/V production at a large event were not destined for this particular gig… Because there’s always room for improvement in any business, the mafia hires a Human Resources person… 

Hired Assassins on a Blimp; Student Actors Prep to Audition; Attending a Mid-size City Doggy Day Care Counter

Several assassins aboard a blimp, all unknowingly after the same target, but can ANY make the hit… As students wait to audition, some are supportive of each other, and a few get a real chance to change their lives… Greeting one annoyingly difficult animal owner after another is one man’s life, and that man’s name is “The Hean…” 

New Highs and Lows in Workplace Gossip; Airport Staffers Deal as They Can with Travelers; Eccentric Producer Records Aging Rock Stars

Too much sharing of secrets in the workplace is never a good idea, until now… Weary passengers attempt to get through customs, where lying is still not a good idea… Several rock stars from yesteryear form a super group and gather in the studio to record. The producer hired to reignite the magic is just a little insane…

Explorers Compete with Columbus for the Gig; Employees Fail to Nab Elderly Shoplifter; 7-Eleven Cashier Is a Natural-Born Therapist

The year is 1492, and before Christopher Columbus is hired, several others vie for the honor of discovering the new world… An old lady thief has eluded capture for far too long, and several workers at a department store are hellbent to catch her in the act… An otherwise quick stop at a 7-Eleven reveals more self-discovery than the customers thought possible as they step up to the counter to purchase their crap… 

Backstage at a Live TV Dance Competition; Group Therapy for Several Sets of Twins

After reaching the next round of competition, we go backstage as several dance teams need to come up with new routines on the fly… This group therapy session for a gathering of twins is far more revealing than anyone present, if not the known universe, thought possible…

Undercover Animal Rights Activists at Zoo; Meeting of a Person's Multiverse Selves; After Vatican Closes, Catholic Leaders Fight Crime

When two Animal Rights Activists go undercover as employees at a zoo, priority one, of course, is to release all the animals… One person meets all the multi-verse versions of themselves. Oddly, not everyone gets along… It may be closing time at the Vatican, but a few in the Diocese work through the night fighting crime in Rome…

Murderer and Graverobber First Date; Vegas Charter Bus Passengers; New Baseball Manager Mixes Things Up

First dates are rarely easy. This one quickly sets new highs of oddness, disruption and distraction… Folks on a charter bus en route to Las Vegas encounter more excitement than they paid for… A team gathers as their new manager lays out a whole new game plan that may or may not resemble the game as they knew it, nor as intended.

An Odyssey of Epic Proportions Because Stepdad Said the Mafia Was out to Get Us

Mom relocated us several times, and then strangers took over our daily activities… Hell, we were even introduced to our protective doppelgängers… All this and WAY more, because mom’s new fella said the mafia was looking for us. This bizarre adventure consumes the entire episode, and, thankfully, it gets super weird… 

Snow Storm Strands Hipster Restaurant Reviewers; $18M Underground Vegas Home for Sale; Nail Salon Fights City Hall Over 'Hand Jobs' Name

On their way to review a mountainside restaurant, a group of semi-famous, hipster foodie restaurant reviewers get stuck on the road… We learn too much about the salespeople in a Real Estate office as they compete for a chance to rep a new listing of an underground mansion… What’s in a name, is the question before the Ohio State governing board. An owner of a nail salon called “Hand Jobs” fights for his creative freedom. 

Studio 54 Documentary Unused Interviews; Epic Medieval Quest; True Crime Podcaster Records an Episode at a Crime Scene

The latest documentary about Studio 54 left out a few interviews of former employees and patrons, but we got ‘em… During medieval times, several set out an epic quest in search of something majestic… While detectives inspect a crime scene, a true crime podcaster attempts to record an episode as he observes them at work…

Americans on a Guided Tour of Australia; Friends Look for Bigfoot; PA's Day 1 on a $100 Million Film Set

The term “ugly Americans” reaches new heights when a pair of Australian locals try to keep them all on the path during a guided tour of the outback… A group of friends gather in the woods to search for famed “Bigfoot,” and he has never been more safe. We’re talkin’ real dumb-dumbs… First days are always tough, but for this young production assistant, it simply couldn’t go worse for a on the set of a blockbuster film shoot. 

The Fleckman’s Try A.I. Workers for Their Home; A Wedding in the Florist Section of Walmart

The home of Connie and Carl Fleckman has been updated with  artificial intelligence domestic help in all areas. Surprisingly, things go a little sideways. Naturally, all involved end up in a courtroom and then prison… Walmart’s new wedding section includes holding actual wedding, and all the fixin's. You think you’re having a tough day…?

Many Organs in a Human Struggle for Dominance; Alternative Meat Chili Cook-Off; Local TV News Team Covers the Cook-Off

All the major organs inside a body engage in a war of words, which then escalates to a dangerous place… At a small town “state fair,” the locals compete in a chili cook-off, and there’s a new rule this year: All entrants must use of an alternative meat… The field reporter who’s covering the chili cook-off throws it to the local TV news team, and we follow the in-fighting back at the station.

Stuck on a Hospital Elevator; Time-Traveled Cavemen Spitball Ideas as App Developers; Car Dealership Offers All New DeLorean and a Truckload of Charac

Several people—some patients—get stuck on a hospital elevator when it breaks down, and they do NOT get along… Two cavemen have time-traveled to modern life and now work at an App developing company. Their ideas don’t completely suck… The bizarre cast of characters that work at this car dealership shouldn’t actually work anywhere selling anything.

Breaking News Delivered by Medieval Town Criers; Residents Committee Meeting at a Retirement Facility; Backstage at a Mid-Level Pro-Wrestling Event

What if CNN-type breaking news was delivered similarly by the town criers of the day in Medieval England. Ancient and modern day news styles fight for center stage… We eavesdrop in on a Residents Committee Meeting at a retirement home called “Leisure World.” Things get out of hand instantly, but it does allow the return of a favorite Alchemy This character, “Martin McCue…” It’s minutes before the event/match between not-yet-famous pro-wresters “The Tickler” and “Snakeman,” we’re privy to negotiations backstage between the wrestlers, a  promoter named The Colonel and a wannabe mobster regarding who’s gonna win, and who needs to lose…

Fire Dept Tries to Stop a Jumper; Quality vs Quantity in the Office; Competing Lemonade Stands

There’s a jumper, and all efforts to stop him seem to create one more insane problem after another; In this corporate office, new and historically unnecessary levels of employee-created chaos are realized; Neighbors have competing lemonade stands that lead to bizarre conflicts as well as an offer for protection from crooked cops. Featuring Brad Norman!

Furry Convention; Good Cop/Bad Cop Interrogates Serial Flasher; Drug Dealer Pushes Carrots with No Ranch Dressing

On the floor of a FurryCon, strangers sniff out more than human contact and interaction, and international intrigue is the least of it. In an interrogation room, two cops try ye olde Good Cop/Bad Cop to get a confession out of a serial flasher, and it quickly gets complicated with too many details. In an attempt to put a dent in the meth business, a dealer switches to carrots with no ranch dressing. Yeah, no, it’s not an easy transition… 

Health Inspector Surprises a Busy Restaurant; Ghost Intern Learns How to Haunt Teenagers Using a Ouija Board

When a Health Inspector surprises a restaurant, the staff does their damnedest to keep the customers happy while explaining a multitude of infractions. A couple of ghosts show the newbie around; they haunt some teenagers playing with a ouija board. And a plug for the Alchemists performing LIVE on March 2nd at Westside Comedy Theater.

Unofficially Aiding EMTs; Creating New Pro Wrestler Names and Casting Them; Getting a Sit with the Godfather

From Listener Mail: Things go a little sideways when a man attempts to help and ultimately take control of an accident scene. A production office for a wrestling federation, wherein new names and characters are created and then cast. Getting an official sit down with the local Mafia don are as difficult as you might think… A plug for the members of Alchemy This performing LIVE on March 13th at Westside Comedy Theater.