Right Now in Alchemy This

Folks with Famous Peoples' Names; Carefully Hire a Construction Crew; Ill-prepared New-Adults Share a House

A weekly meeting for those tortured by sharing a name with a known TV or film character… Simply put, the single worst construction crew ever assembled… Barely friends and barely 20, they share a house and none of the responsibilities…

Elderly Mob-run Bingo; Fenway Concession Vendor; 'Leaf Peepers' Ruin Everything

A seniors’ Bingo Night is run by the mob, but not well… A concessions vendor works the stands and buddy it ain’t pretty up there… They love when the leaves turn color in the fall. For the locals, they are the worst people alive.

Family Reunion with David Blaine; Operating on the wrong Patient; An A.I Workforce and One Human

When a Texas family gathering reveals the patriarch is an ancient wizard, so someone should call David Blaine… A team of surgeons discover they operated on the wrong patient and immediately get to work on the cover-up… How can the last human worker compete and survive surrounded by Artificial Intelligence employees? Teach them improv!

Strangers Wake on Alien Ship; Dogs Awaiting Adoption; Marvin McKuen’s First Day Waiting Tables

After sharing what they remember last, complete strangers realize they’re alien abductees in space… Dogs at a shelter make plans to escape… The return of Marvin McKuen offers insights of his past as well as his ability as a waiter. 

Billionaires and Their People Negotiate; Every Flavor of Humanity at the DMV; A Doctor Who Cheated His Way Through School

Just shy of nothing gets settled when absurdly rich idiots maneuver… Old ladies, dumb-dumbs, assorted jerks and even BATMAN have do time at the DMV… This hospital is busy as any, but this one has a physician who cheated on every level of his higher learning and it’s comin’ crashin’ down today.

LIVE SHOW from the Dynasty Typewriter Theater—Classic fish-out-of-water, when an Australia gal arrives at a U.S. college… The worst problems any family can face is waiting for you on House Hunters… A true democracy, respect for women, if not all aboard, and fairness throughout the day is not what was expected from these ol’ timey pirates…

Featuring: David Koechner

Ellis Island Hopefuls; Climbing the Corporate Ladder in a Day; What Our Pets Think of Us

Passengers onboard a ship to America in 1905 share dreams and fears… The rise up the business office chain of command is made easy for a pair of new employees because the competition is historically weak… We take it for granted that our pets don’t judge us. That ends today…

Worst Bank Robbers vs Even Worse Bank Managers; Two Baristas Vs World; Doctors Who Needed Borders

Inept bank robbers seem like geniuses compared to those running the joint… The two baristas lives at this coffee drive-thru are simply more  oddly compelling than yours or mine… Sure, they took the oath to Do No Harm, but these doctors specialties suggest otherwise.

Marvin McCue: Daytime Judge; The Usual Suspects: The Alt-Lineup; Mt. Everest: A Team-Building Experience

A taping of a daytime TV show starring Marvin McCue as a judge who precides over actual legal disputes… A witness weighs in while viewing a wildly different police line-up for The Usual Suspects… With zero previous climbing experience, office co-workers have to climb up Mt. Everest, with the worst guide ever, to learn proper team-building.

Tundra Migrating Animals; Father and Son Faux-Pilots vs Strangers; New Arrivals At The Commune

A couple of wolves lead a Harp Seal, some birds and other four-legs migrating north through the dead of winter… Forget snakes, the people on this flight, while super pleasant, are considerably more dangerous… Father welcomes dimwits, nudniks and near-do-wells to from all walks to the commune… 

Demon Visits Blind Grandmother; Flat-Earther Dating Site; Intervention for Guinea Pig Enthusiast

A loving grandmother mistakes a visiting demon for her estranged grandson… Fellow flat-earthers meet up at the office of a new dating site dedicated to them… Family and friends surprise a man in his home, insisting he has a unhealthy obsession with his MANY guinea pigs…

Genius Kids Day Care; Non-Intellectual Property Lawyers  New Offensive Baseball Mascots

At a Day Care for genius little ones, a plan is afoot to escape… In a small town populated with Non-Intellectual Property Anthropomorphic Puppets (NOT MUPPETS), two lawyers attempt to handle their legal needs… A baseball team has a new mascot, and it’s so off-putting that the fans are none too pleased

Pizza Joint Never Closes, Not Even for a Zombie Apocalypse; Antarctica Research Station Crew at Wits End; Mad Scientist Yard Sale

They pride themselves on never closing, but this pizza place gets hit with everything including the End Days… The crew working a research station at Antarctica have simply been around each other too damn long… While these geniuses are unmatched in their science lab, they are beyond worthless when it comes to their yard sale…

Young Fularg Player Scouted by Universities; Kids Conduct War Crimes Court Against School Bully

One young man’s dream of playing professional Fularg wreaks havoc on his parents plans and dreams… Two policeman raid a home where children have charged a bully with war crimes against the school… 

Scumbag Boyfriend and Pregnant Girlfriend on Intercontinental Flight; Corporate Event's A/V Needs Prove Too Much; First Day in HR with the Mafia

If the super odd people on this long flight don’t amaze, disturb and delight you, check into a hospital STAT… The folks hired to handle the A/V production at a large event were not destined for this particular gig… Because there’s always room for improvement in any business, the mafia hires a Human Resources person… 

Hired Assassins on a Blimp; Student Actors Prep to Audition; Attending a Mid-size City Doggy Day Care Counter

Several assassins aboard a blimp, all unknowingly after the same target, but can ANY make the hit… As students wait to audition, some are supportive of each other, and a few get a real chance to change their lives… Greeting one annoyingly difficult animal owner after another is one man’s life, and that man’s name is “The Hean…” 

New Highs and Lows in Workplace Gossip; Airport Staffers Deal as They Can with Travelers; Eccentric Producer Records Aging Rock Stars

Too much sharing of secrets in the workplace is never a good idea, until now… Weary passengers attempt to get through customs, where lying is still not a good idea… Several rock stars from yesteryear form a super group and gather in the studio to record. The producer hired to reignite the magic is just a little insane…

Explorers Compete with Columbus for the Gig; Employees Fail to Nab Elderly Shoplifter; 7-Eleven Cashier Is a Natural-Born Therapist

The year is 1492, and before Christopher Columbus is hired, several others vie for the honor of discovering the new world… An old lady thief has eluded capture for far too long, and several workers at a department store are hellbent to catch her in the act… An otherwise quick stop at a 7-Eleven reveals more self-discovery than the customers thought possible as they step up to the counter to purchase their crap… 

Backstage at a Live TV Dance Competition; Group Therapy for Several Sets of Twins

After reaching the next round of competition, we go backstage as several dance teams need to come up with new routines on the fly… This group therapy session for a gathering of twins is far more revealing than anyone present, if not the known universe, thought possible…

Undercover Animal Rights Activists at Zoo; Meeting of a Person's Multiverse Selves; After Vatican Closes, Catholic Leaders Fight Crime

When two Animal Rights Activists go undercover as employees at a zoo, priority one, of course, is to release all the animals… One person meets all the multi-verse versions of themselves. Oddly, not everyone gets along… It may be closing time at the Vatican, but a few in the Diocese work through the night fighting crime in Rome…