Right Now in Alchemy This

Jacob, Rachel and Leah; Ocean, Party Of Two; Untested Pet Products.

School Drop Off...

School Drop Off; How Kevin Recruited The Alchemists; Naming A New Mascot.

CutCo Knife Sales Replicants;

CutCo Knife Sales Replicants; “Live Police;” Not-So Typical Office Bullpen.

Absurdly Busy Pizza Joint;...

Absurdly Busy Pizza Joint; University Admissions; All Things Rats.Disgruntled customers vs loopy pizza makers… Pressure mounts during University admissions… Stuff about rats and people you didn’t know. 

Detectives Interrogate James Heaney...

Detectives Interrogate James Heaney; The Pool Man Knows All; Holy Grail Found At The Mall Of America.

OCD Sufferer Is Jailed

OCD Sufferer Is Jailed; Alleged Aussie Struggles With Accent; Batman and Robin’s New Cave.

His OCD is exacerbated from being incarcerated… Man insists he’s Australian, but his weak accent betrays him… Batman and Robin are in the market for a new cave.

Pet Frogs Plan An Escape...

Pet Frogs Plan An Escape; “Dad, Dad, Dad,” The Gameshow; James Heaney Has A Fox.

Castaways Find Others

Castaways Find Others; Pretentious Young Artists; Americans Running Pot Back Through Canada.

Training For Jaded Geniuses

Tech Support Training For Jaded Geniuses; Interviews For A New German-Based Start-Up;  Wealthy Brits Meet Their American Trash Neighbors.

Origin Of British Posh-Speak

Origin Of British Posh-Speak; Backstage With The Band, Wunderkind; Couple’s Retreat Is Actually A Cult.

The Uncle Squishy Show

On-Set Of A Children’s TV Show; Competing Car Salesmen and Saleswomen; Safety Officer Inspects A Building.

Medieval Prisoners

Medieval Prisoners Welcome A New Inmate; Inventor Strolls And Solves Problems; Hipsters Discover Hitler.

Grocery Store Detectives

Too many plain-clothes grocery store detectives… Comedian Nicky Shitts showcases for The Tonight Show… A white house intern attempts to save the day.

Questionable Renters

Questionable Renters Come A Callin’; The Next Great Tech Company; Brothers Inherit a Nightmare.

Passengers On A Commuter Train

Passengers On A Commuter Train; Marvel’s First Openly Gay Super Hero; The Day The Machine Woke UP.

Psychologist’s First Day

Psychologist’s First Day At The Clinic; Organizing To Set A Guinness Book Record; Substitute Teachers Give ‘Em Hell.

Friends Playing Clue Solve Murder

Pals playing Clue in an isolated cabin have to solve an actual murder… Teenage Carlos tries to cheer up the elderly at Seniors Center… A lowly, troubled museum employee may not be the one to pick on… 

Dog-Walkers Chill In Owner’s Home

Dog-Walkers Chill In Owner’s Home; Faculty Attempts Cow Removal After Senior Prank; Kids Try To Save Ice Cream Shop.Dog-Walkers are discovered hangin’ out in the dog-owner’s home… Administrators argue how to get a cow down some stairs after the senior prank left it in a loft over the gym… Children must raise 250k to save their favorite ice cream shop from demolition…

Crime Boss, Michael Mann at Theme Park

Michael Mann opens a ride at Wonder Park and Mafioso Don Angelotti wants to meet him… Some Caveman were wildly smarter than others… Man wins McDonald’s Monopoly prize to travel around-the-world from Florida. 

What The Dead Leader's Parrot Knew

What The Dead World Leader’s Parrot Knew; The Hangover Revisited; Truckers See Everything In Passing Cars.Norweiga’s President is dead, and his parrot knows too much… Weird  one of these idiots woke up with a new tatoo… What we do in our cars on the open road, as seen by truckers…